Good here we have a number of reasons to feel good if you don’t have guy beside you this comfort you do are better or not about puppies, what you say? Infidelity, if that is the worst, and to make matters worse they complain if one does the same thing. They make weird stuff every time they can, do not try to understand, nobody has yet been able, and are already more than two millennia every friend they have, by God where get them, is not believing. Still don’t realize that which they send we are us and not them. Why leaves them both hair aging, by God must do something with genetics. What, their mamas didn’t teach them that one must bathe daily.

Seventh. Obvious muscles are important, but we do not want an Arnold Schwarzenegger to the side. Silver is important, why invite us to leave if they won’t pay, by God, what they want us to pay for everything what they eat, nor we were what, by God. Football, who invented, piety, enough already, we want to return mad. Tenth. If you have sight problems urinating, why they do not see a specialist, or in any case why not simply will not urinate, is never that don’t realize how nasty that is. If these few little details of men you not discouraged from getting one, I give you every reason, Yes Yes Yes, also have their stuff. Yes or no?