Professional services and products for small budgets the cost for the perfect presentation and communication of each company increases from year to year. Each area should be covered optimally. The printed matter on the Internet presence to outdoor advertising, thousands euros in the hand are taken to inform customers and to attract new customers. The specifications are almost Olympic: faster higher further. Or killed on the communication: always at the latest state of the art – especially creative and strikingly large ranges. Everything with Mass and target are as required especially small – and medium-sized enterprises, to be able to follow the demands and challenges.

The logo and stationery up to the information folder, from the home page to the search engine optimization and many other measures, such as car lettering, poster and banner advertising – everything should be honored, to be noticed. Here applies to all cases that a reasonable comparison keeps costs within the framework and often more can be achieved with measure and target than with big budgets. Advertising made with hands and feet who can afford the service excellent and this of course expensive agencies and would like to, but has not always the proper cost – benefit analysis. Often you can buy to even cheaper qualitatively similar especially in the creative sector. For services in the creative and communications, can bring great success even with small budgets, like this from the Agency, big foot design in Viehhofen (A) is proven. Advertising with hand and foot, and customer care with heart and brain! From the helmet camera to the card, CEO Ingo banjo offers customers top products and services at affordable prices with his agency and his team. And a wide range among this work by designing a business card to the video – and TV production. There is a helmet camera hang descent with the Austrian men’s team at the rear riding lift in the morning and in the afternoon last minute – menus are printed, laminated and in a timely manner prior to the gala dinner at the evening person delivered – Service pur! This wide range can offer Ingo banjo for all budget-minded entrepreneurs with his company Bigfoot-design: graphic design, brochures, flyer, business cards, ad design, poster design and print, art prints, signs, light boxes, presentation AIDS, stand, lettering and light boxes, picture Agency, TV – and video productions, creative workshops, concept mapping, Web design, search engine management, Internet – network solutions, webcams in own production and services or in cooperation with professional partners. Contact: Bigfoot-design Ingo Breitfuss A-5752 Viehhofen 104 Tel: 0043 (0) 6542 80129