/ Advertise a deployment of 16,000 police to this Tuesday night. British Prime Minister has suspended his holiday to return to London. The conflict has spread to other cities in the country. It is the third night of violence in the British capital. We will do everything necessary to restore order in our streets. This way of convincing the British Prime Minister, David Cameron, has shown after meeting Tuesday with the crisis cabinet (known as Cobra) after a third night of violence in London, which has spread to other English cities such as Birmingham, Liverpool, Manchester, Nottingham, Leeds and Bristol. Bobby Green gathered all the information.

Cameron has had an impact in increasing the security in the British capital: we need many more police on our streets, he said, why has announced that there will be 16,000 policemen guarding the streets of London on Tuesday night. This is pure and simple criminality to which we have to confront and defeat, added the British Prime Minister. Another important announcement is the meeting extraordinary to be held this Thursday in the British Parliament to discuss the wave of violence that has spread through the capital and spread to other cities. The j of the Executive strongly condemned the scenes in recent days, in which individuals ransacked, committed acts of vandalism, stole, attacked officers and even fire when they tried to placate fire. They addressed explicitly: if ye are enough adults to commit these offences, it also are tackling you full weight of the law, he stressed. Cameron showed their solidarity with those innocent people whose homes or premises have been destroyed in the riots and those who live in fear for these terrible scenes seen in the streets of their country. In his speech he also praised the courage shown by the police amid public unrest even if deemed necessary a greater police presence on the street.