The tama? or matter very much. Tell him is if women have a carving from 42 and to the 56 can not be bought nothing in the stores. Or at least nothing that is modern, nice and at an attractive price. A frustraci? n that henceforth disappear? Thanks a?Sweet Size? Do (Talla Dulce), l? nea of clothing produced by SANDRO FERRONE (does the renowned Italian brand that after 30 to? you triumphing in the pa? have trasalpino s just landed in our pa? s) and already est? in the shop windows of our pa? s.?If the carvings known as normal (of the 36 to 40) textile est? being unable to resolve the problem of the sizing and a brand to another the same garment measures come to vary up to 10 cent? meters, the difficulty is m? evident s in the case of large sizes. There is no offer for the demand of society.

Do something that however does not occur in Sandro Ferrone since always we’ve worried and occupied by this population segment? n of women of flesh and blood who resign do not dress in current, elegant and carefree?, says Luca Gambato, Director-General for Espa? a of Sandro Ferrone. And raz? n is not missing from this steering. Do do do do do do do already antropom study? trico of the Ministry of health and consumption held in 2008 in order to establish an homog size? neo for the population? n female espa? wave individuallearning? complaints such as that 43.4% of consumers have? an problems in finding your size since you garments or are small? ACE (22.8%) or too large or not in accordance with your measurements (25.6%).?Do do Sweet Size is the ant? thesis these claims since not s? continues it a pattern of real measures ranging from a size 42 to the 56 but it also? n has a very wide range of models for different collections that are along of the? or. Do do do in this way achieve that with big sizes women feel pretty thanks to a skirt, a dress or a screen? n adapted to your measurements?, to? ade Gambato. Do Adem? s the way in which the different collections occur?Sweet Size? also n is different. ?Do do Sandro Ferrone never choose a model in the way cl? sica, i.e. producing the patr? n and then choosing the fabric and color or patterns based on a few samples.

What we do is create the garment and with her in hand we test it is to our models to adapt them to its forms and go doing all necessary changes until it is perfect. Once done this is when you choose Chuck and colors with which the product is produced and sold in the shops?