Nutrition theme is democratic and everyone can talk to a correct and healthy and balanced diet is without a doubt one of the greatest public health challenges of the next decades. Often the food is becoming a major stress factor. We have to eat! BUT this presents us several times a day with new tasks. A consideration about what us fills the stomach, but also on the stomach can beat. Often we realise too late that we long time wrong have fed us. Suddenly, it is new, that proper nutrition is the wrong. Proper nutrition, which was until now considered wrong, means low carb! Food is life – we humans can only survive if we eat and drink. Food and beverages are more than just basic needs of the people.

Food belongs to our culture and our social life. For some, food is even a belief. Food makes us happy and gives us strength, contributes to our well-being. Low carb diet focuses on food, the already our ancestors ate before they became sedentary. Author Sabine Beuke and Jutta Schutz recommend modern people to feed themselves, how she long evolution has manifested itself in the course of millions of years according to their genetic predisposition. Low carb relies on the theory that the low-carbohydrate diet of ur have strengthened health and brain function of early Homo sapiens and thus facilitates the development of the modern people. Bajwa and Saeed write good advice for everyone”, wanting a diet to low carb and the authors give also an easy introduction to this nutrition.

In her books, inform the authors factual and informative about the basics of low carb and give valuable tips on how to successfully change his diet. Her books provide courage and give not only dry, theoretical knowledge. Company information: Jutta Schutz (writer/author, journalist, psychologist, Lecturer) writes books that inspire, motivate and special insider knowledge deliver.