The gastric cancer is a disease with global distribution, being most frequent of the malignant neoplasias of the digestive device, and even so it has decline of the number of cases, presents great incidence in our way. Being able to spread itself through invasion for proximity, hematognica and lymphatic dissemination. Metstases lymphatic is more significant the preditivos factors in the return of the illness and the lymphatic dissemination in turn, can be controlled with certain efficiency through the radical surgeries. It has a fan of therapeutical options for the gastric cancer, that depend on the stadium of the illness and the applied surgical technique. The surgical boarding considers, beyond the gastrectomia, exrese systemize of some lymphatic stations, is perigstricas or extraperigstricas they. The stations to be dried up go to thus depend on the level of linfonodal disseco and exrese that it is intended, as of the localization of the tumor in the stomach, therefore depending on the tumoral topography, determined linfonodais stations they were significantly more attacks for metstases. The prognostic after a complete resseco of the tumor directly is related to the penetration of the serosa and the linfonodal envolvement. Supervened five year after the surgery varies of more than 90% in precocious cancer until less than 20% in patients with advanced cancer.

In about 50% of the patients, the local or abdominal returns are the only small farms of the first return after the curativa surgery. As much in the advanced cancers as in the precocious ones, the linfadenectomia seems to improve the supervened one. Through this bibliographical revision I was concluded that the incidence of gastric cancer is high and preoccupying, needing one better orientation of the services of health for the subject, its adjusted estadiamento and the surgical standardization is basic for the attainment of good results in treatment, the absence of engaged linfonodos and metstases at a distance, significantly improves the gotten supervened one with the surgical treatment and that the surgical boarding of the gastric cancer associate to the linfadenectomia must be the treatment standard. Word-key: Gastric cancer; Linfadenectomia; Surgery