Micro-injertos or follicular unit transplantation is the only method that exists really effective for baldness or androgenetic alopecia. It is an ambulatory intervention of minor surgery which applies local anesthetic in donor and recipient areas, thus, this treatment is almost painless. The mini or micro-injertos are extracted from a strip of scalp that is obtained from the occipital zone, this strip is cut into small fragments and each fragment removed hair 1 to 2 for the micro-injertos or 3-4 hairs for the mini-injertos. The length of the extracted from the occipital donor Strip, directly depends on the number of mini or micro-injertos who wish to obtain and capillary density in the patient. The closing is done with sutures, which allows the scar is very thin, linear, horizontal and virtually undetectable. Do do preparing the mini or micro-injertos is made with stereomicroscope, which allows accurate cutting, avoiding the look unnatural in? doll hair?. This procedure seeks to create one natural incidence, by introducing units 1, 2, 3 and even 4 hair follicular scalp regions that have been bald or obscure, with the purpose of giving an aesthetic and natural appearance.

Implantation in the receiving area is done with scalpels and tweezers of microsurgery, which allow you to choose the orientation and inclination of hair, in particular for the previous front line and different hairy areas of the Crown. The amount that can be deployed is from 1500 to 5000 hair in a session, thanks to the help of a team of 3 to 5 helpers trained for this precise and meticulous work. The distribution of these numerous follicular units is homogeneous in alopecic areas. The post-op is simple and allows a quick and painless healing, washing head with shampoo and professional reintegration is done in three or four days after the intervention. The majority of implanted hair fall approximately to the 15th day of operation and definitely grow back between the second and fourth month.