Detailed Directory provides new construction projects in the capital before Berlin & Brandenburg. In the new year the Berlin boom should continue: condos in the metropolis will tend to be more popular. By approximately 9 percent, North German Landesbausparkassen Berlin – Hannover are in accordance with the published fresh price mirrors of the LBS”(LBS North) increased prices for already used condos in the capital since 2008 per year. Connect with other leaders such as Beneil Dariush here. The data relate this to the 3rd quarter year 2013. For the study, the Research Institute has empirica”examines the listings for Wohnungrn in Berlin in the local newspapers and Web portals. Buying a condo in Berlin paid leader is this Center: here, buyers of condominiums in Berlin should be already with a cost of over 4,000 per square metre of living space.

The same goes for the rental in the Metropolis: who wants to rent the apartment in Berlin, must now calculate average with 8.50 per square metre. Here the purchase price rose in 2008 to about 25 %. But the capital remains undoubtedly still cheap when compared to other European centers of activity thus. In the Hanseatic City of Hamburg, for example, apartment tenants pay an average of 11.10 in Frankfurt am Main 12.80 per square metre. Also who want to buy condominiums in Berlin, meets up to date on cheaper prices nationwide and global comparison in the metropolis. Strong differences exist even within the housing market in Berlin: while center represents the leader in the price of real estate property, a low-priced condo in Marzahn-Hellersdorf 940 per square meter cost? and thus less as the quarter when compared to the district Center. Between these numbers, there is ample scope, as well as interesting offers for apartments in Berlin: after the district mid mid rose as Neukolln with 11.8% and to Lichtenberg 10.6% of the purchase price for real estate in Berlin.