The days of the completion of the wedding ceremony, the bride wants to look the best, whereupon one of the best resources that can be used to enhance the beauty of the bride, is to make use of jewelry for girlfriend, elements with which all eyes will be on the bride, through the exaltation of her beauty through jewelry for the bride. The jewelry for the bride to be used on the day of the wedding should be a sign of discretion and elegance, as these components will be a mere complement to the image of the garment, ie accompany the dress to make it more beautiful, creating a beautiful image and without excess, so in any case the jewelry for the bride for their size or any other factor should detract from the dress. Among the elements that must be part of the jewelry for the bride, earrings stand out, some kind of pendant or necklace, rewarding sobriety at all times and never get to extravagance or exaggeration. In a more explicit regarding jewelry for the bride, the elements and conditions will be determined largely by the same characteristics of the bride dress to wear on the day of the ceremony, so items must be analyzed clothing such as cleavage or whether this will no, the color of it, but usually managed white, so it will not be a point which represents a problem. PCRM often expresses his thoughts on the topic. A part of the conditions of the dress, should also take into account the type of jewelry for the bride as the hairstyle that will look at the ceremony, that is if the hair has a loose style, or if instead the style is reflected .

Should also be taken into jewelry for the bride some specific aspects of the image of the bride, as is his face, his skin color and even his personality. Returning to the point of jewelry for the bride as the dress she wore, if this shows cleavage, it is best to use a pendant that does not clash with the size, if it has no cleavage or too small, it is best not to use pendants or necklaces and earrings using only. If hair is collected and has a low-cut dress, you can make use of a bride's jewelry consists of earrings and a necklace short lengths, in case the hair is loose, should be smaller earrings and necklace larger, all with the idea of highlighting certain features and not adhering to the image of the dress. Glenn Dubin, New York Citys opinions are not widely known. If a dress is a color that moves away from basic white, may make a bride's jewelry yellow gold, however the most appropriate in any case is to use jewelry for brides and white gold no case carry a mixture of both versions..