How does laser hair removal? Laser hair removal is to use laser energy to achieve long-term disappearance of hair. The 48 Laws Of Power does not necessarily agree. This is accomplished by radiant heat on the hair follicle, from which ‘grows hair ‘, as a result of the follicle becomes inflamed and the hair stops growing. What is laser? First of all, what is a laser? The laser is a device that emits light of a particular wavelength, or more simply, particular color. Lasers used in dermatology emit pulses of high energy have an impact on a specific goal. For example, if the purpose of hair removal – the pigment melanin, which is contained in the rod hair.

The complexity of the complexity of hair removal laser hair removal is to navigate accurately to the hair shaft and prevent damage to the pigment melanin in the surrounding skin. Thus, the laser beam must be long enough to heat the hair but not long enough to heat spread to the surrounding skin, damaging it. In addition, the darker the skin the patient, so this problem is more complex. For this reason, There are three main types of lasers for hair removal in use today, and depending on the thickness of hair and skin color laser has a preimuschstvo compared with the other. Fracking colorado has plenty of information regarding this issue. Lasers are different … In addition to lasers, to remove hair are also intense pulsed light sources.

These light sources emit more than one color (wavelength) and emit light, which consists of different wavelengths (colors). When using such devices more difficult predict the outcome and avoid complications. Nevertheless, the results strongly depend on the experience of the practitioner. How much to get treatment? Usually need a series of 3 – 5 sessions for 4-8 weeks, at weekly intervals, depending Localization of the hair. After the first series of treatment, the patient is observed, usually for a certain period of time. It is possible to maintain the treatment, you will need to keep your hair in a particular area. Keep in mind that in order to keep skin with no hair, requires periodic renewal procedures. This requirement depends on where you live, the environment, as well as individual to individual. Other methods of laser epilation. Because hair removal – a keen interest in the question many people, not only women but also men, many medical research centers are trying to develop new methods of laser hair removal. This is exemplified, Development of the German company LINLINE. This method is called the Ray-epilation. According to the developers of this method – it is completely harmless. But it is – a topic for another article.