You could say, more cartilago, which after Yon Goicoechea dairy cow of the student political protests in Venezuela began to produce its own, dairy officially having an ideological training centre which could eventually circumvent or camouflage the problems of financing and ideological guidance from abroad. Note that operate over the student wills has been a constant and sustained since 2003 and that is not hidden to the logic that must await the result of the second litter of hard containment. Works to gradually undermine the current year and bring about an explosive during elections in the year 2012, if not sooner, situation to uneducated and juncture of what is currently happening in North Africa and the Middle East. Social networks and media have been organized to channel passions and distort realities, promoting events expected by external managers of the military and political intervention. In general, travels the world with rank of official news release that dictators and human rights violators have been defenestrados of power by his own people. The triumphant revolution of colors list (which is to overthrow dictators, as stated) seems to ask shouts the head of Hugo Chavez, much more how much popular support of this President constituted a serious setback for the conspiracy against her in 2007. Highlight, in addition, to be rounded, that so-called resistance youth Yugoslavian (OTPOR) that overthrew Slobodan Milosevic (where think start this phenomenon coloridisimo) advises in Venezuela since 2005 (see picture above).

And said that, after what the same Milosevic in Yugoslavia, in the revolution of Roses (Georgia, 2003), Orange Revolution (Ukraine, 2004), revolution of the Tulips (Kyrgyzstan, 2005), cedar (Lebanon, 2005) revolution, revolution of los jazmines (Tunisia, 2010), of Venezuela would be renamed revolution of the white hands, supposedly for the coming year. And you don’t have to escape to the concept of this phenomenon, seemingly unbeatable construction analysis in its implementation, with record already 6 Governments overthrown in a decade, in addition to other 5 failed attempts (white revolution, saffron, green, Twitter): the word student (such as women, child, rosa, peace, etc.) belongs to the paradigm of the white, clean, sweet, helpless, progressive, human, as opposed to the stigmatized blackdirty, gross, aggressor, barbaric and inhuman, respectively (Violeta Parra held them with this song: live students!). The forces of law and order (if they do) can do little when to bring order to a country should proceed against a protest by students, (better, if you encintas) women, children or any other conceptual and historical representative of human unrehearsed.