Overweight and pregnancy overweight couples face fertility problems. The more weight, more problems of infertility. If both people in the couple are overweight or obese, they are more likely to take more in order to achieve a pregnancy, according to new studies carried out. The researchers studied in Denmark 47.835 couples and found that if parents (both) were obese, the chances of the couple will have to wait more than one year were almost three times higher than for a couple with normal weight. If both spouses were only overweight, the probability that would have to wait more than one year was 1.4 times higher. If the overweight and obesity is actually a cause of subfecundidad, and if the obesity epidemic continues, this reduction in the ability to reproduce could become a serious public health problem, said Cecilia Ramlau-Hansen, who directed the study. Previous research had shown that weight can affect fertility in women and men on an individual basis.

However, This was the first study to examine the effects on fertility of overweight and obesity in the couple. ting. The study showed that men with normal weight and obese women were less likely to get pregnant quickly. If you want to find yourself with that desired pregnancy, it is important that you can reach your ideal weight as soon as possible. Achieve a healthy weight will serve both to improve your chances of pregnancy, how to, once you achieve conceive your child, bring it forward a healthy pregnancy. As a practitioner, researcher, and above all, as a nutritionist, I would like to recommend a system for weight loss that exceeded all controls quality (very demanding) that I usually make, and it can really help you to reach your ideal weight, so get to the pregnancy. His name is Simple weight loss and is a novel technique that is being applied, and that will allow you to eat the kind of food you want and the amount of times that you want. Yes, even if it seems incredible, so, whatever you want.