No Latin American has come to occupy the front pages of many newspapers in London as this young Brazilian. Jean Charles de Menezes passed into history because on July 22 2005 became the only innocent person executed by Scotland Yard in an anti-terrorist operation. His case generated before a large fine to the metropolitan police and stressed that his Commissioner (Sir Ian Blair) should be the first head of this force in resign over 9 decades. In the latter case the forensic judge decreed that the jury could not convict on if police committed the offence of making an unjustified homicide. The Court, however, ruled an open verdict where it is revealed that the security forces committed serious errors in murder this innocent electrician.

The Menezes family requests a judicial review of the case and it will continue to press for immigrant and human rights are most respected. Many have proposed enacting the date of his death as the day of the Brazilian or South American immigrant abroad. During his 27 years of life He was a peaceful man who sought to go unnoticed. Instead, after his death, he became a real bomb (not physical but moral) that comes shaking one of the most sophisticated law enforcement and legal systems of the world. Original author and source of the article.