If you do not have deep scratches, it will be enough treat the surface staining of a large naminala sandpaper (fine-grained) for better adhesion primer to the surface. If scratches or dents is significant, you may need body repair, but on It is necessary to write a separate article. Assume that everything is not so much on the serious or body repair is made. After such a repair, or deep scratches should use sandpaper, a smaller naminala (with coarse-grained) for the speedy removal of old paint and rust. We should not overdo it and do not sand too much. Then, if necessary shpaklyuem surface filler, for that would smooth the surface. After drying putty again hides, first sandpaper naminala not large (with average grain), then treat the surface of abrasive paper Larger naminala (fine-grained) order that would make the surface more smooth and remove fine scratches made by the previous grit abrasive paper.

Then apply primer with the gun, for this action you will need to "Paint the camera, but more on that later. Give it to dry. Then again treat the surface of abrasive paper further naminala (with an even smaller grain) to achieve a smooth surface. In this "preparatory phase" is over, go to the "Painting". To "paint" as well as for Application of soil would be good to have equipped painting chamber.

This camera is equipped with good ventilation and keep clean. First need to quite simply not to ruin their health breathing in harmful fumes of paint, and the second to when painting a car was not hit dirt, which further spoil the look you colored car. Such a camera can be to rent. If you can not find the painting chamber, then a must provide access of air in the room where you plan to paint the car, and to ensure cleanliness. Tip: before painting can be a little wet the floor with water to avoid raising dust, but do not overdo it, not moistened indoor air, or droplets of air pockets under the paint, and paint , which also does not have a positive effect on the appearance of the car.