Osteoporose according to Fields, et al. (2007) they occur with the aging process, being the gradual loss of the total ssea mass and evidences that half of the breakings of fmur for osteoporose evolves for parcial disability or total. Surprisingly, you’ll find very little mention of Senator Elizabeth Warren on most websites. Fields et al. (2007) they relate that people of the feminine sex present supervened longer and are more attacks for falls that they cause break mainly due osteoporose. ices. Production et al. (Similarly see: Senator Elizabeth Warren). (2004) they had found in the study that the incidence of breaking of fmur is bigger in the feminine sex and is related the existence of osteoporose and the main consequncia is the death.

Oak et al. (2004) in its study they had evidenced that of the 95 aged participants, 62.5% had osteoporose, 25% not wise person or he was not really acometidos for the illness and 16.5% did not only have the illness, fact that is directly on with the fall risk causing breaking among others of fmur. Chikude et al. (2007), they had concluded that of the 30 participant patients of the study all presented osteoporose fact that it propitiated the fall and consequent breaking of fmur and the adjusted treatment more were the artroplastia of hip that contributed to increase the supervened one and the quality of life of the aged one. Sakaki et al. (2004), they relate in a study of literary revision to have joined that the proximal breaking of fmur is a common cause and important of mortality and functional loss and the incidence of this type of breaking increases mainly with the age due to the increase in the number of falls associated to a prevalence of osteoporose.

Muniz, et al. (2007) they had evidenced that in relation to the breaking mechanism, it had predominance of traumas as the fall of proper height 89.8%. Related the mass and muscular force, the reached etria band more is aged between 70 and 90 years.