Each of us has a child with joy and eagerly awaited the onset of each season. In the spring we love to let boats in a stream of melt water in the winter mold build snowmen and snow fortresses fall weave wreaths of multi-colored leaves. But with a special thrill and excitement we were expecting the arrival of summer, it was precisely during the summer days grow longer and the nights shorter. Nearby the kids rush out to all day to play soccer, swim in the river, play in the sandbox and do a lot of wonderful things that would never got to do at home. Children especially like to play with the sand. Even psychologists have come to the conclusion that this is a great way to relieve nervous stress not only for the kids, but also for their parents, playing with them. So why is the sand so attractive to children? Perhaps because of the huge variety of colors and textures of sand, which may be small, large, yellow, colorful, gray, with small stones. Of sand you can mold different fun figures, build towns and castles, dig holes and tunnels.

And really dig ourselves and each other in the sand like not only children but many adults. Walking barefoot on the sand – it is also a useful exercise. Therefore, by selecting the country rest on nature, be sure to walk around barefoot with a baby on the coastal sand. For games with sand is desirable to have clean Country beaches, as in urban backyards clean sandboxes could be better. The parents is important not to overdo it, instilling a love for the baby clean.

After all, by excessive care and the "sterility" of your children at the end all can become "beloruchek" who refuse to perform even such basic duties like washing dishes, because for them it will seem to work too "dirty." Another great game together for children and their parents can provide fun with stones. Invent and build a house with a child of the stones, play in developing memory game with colored stones, you can even teach children the basics of arithmetic Example stones. By collecting and playing with the baby in the stones, you can tell him about their origins, appearance, giving this entertainment cognitive in nature. In addition of this fun can turn this fascinating adventure, if you search for the stones to turn into treasure hunting. Going on vacation with children out of the city, pay due attention to water procedures. Games in pirates, sea battles with toy boat and a simple bultyhanie in the water – all this strengthens the child's body, it hardens and makes it healthy. In order to avoid getting infections in the body of a child, keep water and sand do not fall into the baby's mouth and do not let him swim and play with sand on his skin if there are open wounds. There are clear advantages in the fact that nowadays most people live in urban apartments and comfortable, but it's important not to forget their origins and from time to time reunite with nature, it is not only pleasant but also very useful. You can choose options for a family vacation cottage to suit every taste – recreation, resorts, but one of the most popular ways to relax with family or friends is a holiday in the Leningrad region in rented comfortable cottages.