Tips and tricks for the perfect manicure clean and clean first and foremost be disinfected hands of nail design customer, for example, with CollBlue by CND. Investigation the fingernails, also unpainted, the customer must be cleaned with Scrubfresh. This results in an objective analysis for the study of the nails, this is absolutely necessary for a good nail design. Cuticle and nail plate and nail wall are more whitish, lackluster and dull, the current state of the nails of the customer definitely is too brittle. How to set up a nail design customer card makes the analysis much easier.

During analysis, the map should be ready, so the diagnosis can be transferred directly. First, the whole image is used to determine which characteristics, the shape, length, texture or color on, share all 10 nails of the nail design customer? The nail design nails are customer, for example, to close, splissend, have they a flat shape or colour from pale whitish, cloudy nuance? After the first appearance of the nails the nail design customer, the nails on their longitudinal and transverse elasticity are checked. With thumb and forefinger, light pressure is exerted from above and then sideways. As a result, if the nail design nails are thin and soft, strong and elastic or rigid and inflexible customer. Depending on the result is decided for a genetic nail art. Now has to be decided whether the nail of the nail design must be customer for example due to poor environmental conditions as damaged eingeordenet. The further treatment process in nail design is adjusted as a result of this review.

At this point have the opportunity to explain that home care is as important for the regeneration of the nails as the professional design of nails the nail design customer. It follows the preparatory bath of nails for the nail design. Are the benefits of a nail Spa in preparation for the nail design nails of the nail design to customer are now flexible and therefore not splissen, also the cuticle can now more effectively removed be. With citrus milk bath or bath by CND almond milk prepared her your nail design customer a pleasant, caring Spa. Citrus milk bath or almond milk bath in a manicure dish and filled with warm water. Herein, the nail design nails are customer not more than a minute bathed and afterwards well dried. Now, the nails of the nail design customer are well prepared for a gentle nail files and cuticle removal. After nail nails of nail design can be edited client very gently. Longer or stronger before trim nails once with the Blizzard Board granulation 100 / 180. Then with the Kanga C, the nails of the customer to the desired length file file. It will be filed only in one direction without force. File is not a feat of strength, please do not cut. To design the nails of the customer is filed with the Kanga-C file from the sides without power to the middle of the nail. Never the sides of the nail file, no matter whether the nail design customer one oval, almond-shaped or wide oval to square shape would like to. The perfect shape for all nail design customers that fits all length and nail bed forms, called also squoval. This nails of the nail design are customer up just filed and slightly rounded at the edges.