What alternatives are there to the operation if a person today talks about hemorrhoids, so the problem is often that is caused. However the wrong, if you berachtet the thing from a medical standpoint, but in the strict sense involves corpora cavernosa which are used for the absolute sealing of the hole of after. Occasionally, these hemorrhoids cause symptoms, which are relatively annoying. Such inconveniences will appear if develop those vessels in size. The Haemorrhoidal nodules are often then ignited, which of course makes the problem worse. The anus is closed by a sphincter with the Haemorrhoidal nodules. This erectile tissue grows mostly due to the strong blood circulation.

The performance of the bowel movement on the toilet, a reflex raises the opening of the anus. If this threshold pad is then filled with blood, the intestinal content rub strongly at this. After some time, this can lead to an infection. Then presses one on the toilet properly on, resulting in the emergence of so-called Haemorrhoidal nodules. The normal development according to has an ordinary person of three such vascular cushions. Should it grow, it comes mostly to a swelling, which is referred to as internal hemorrhoids. To alleviate the suffering, one should proceed as soon as possible against Hamoriden. Often also the problems of pain is accompanied by different problem areas.

For example bruises during defecation are typical (if you sit at the quiet village and empty their bowel). To do this you will add then disturbing pressure, as well as itching. In more massive situations there temporarily to skin rashes and eventually to the loss of control of the sphincter. Now the question arises, what is the reason for this hemorrhoid problem. Actually still at all no clear cause strictly taken according to the rules of science, is determined. But it is believed that it traced, how many other bowel diseases, unhealthy diet can be. A lack of nutrients is crucial. There is talk of so-called fibre, which may not reduce the digestive system. Precisely for this reason they are of enormous importance. These food elements refine and accelerate the excretion as a result. In addition, there are also various external factors which a basic influence is attributed to. These include long-lasting stay in sitting posture and a completely upright course. Such attitudes have charge once the deeper area of the intestine. Then strongly to press. This leads to a useless scrutinizing of the vessels. Also, a certain vulnerability exists in certain people because of a genetic predisposition. It is needless to say that one such factor may not be affected. Many people keep an Analthrombose in false assumption (there is talk of a clotting of the blood on the anus) for Hamoriden. Frightening is not so problematich this swelling. While a blue launched swelling appears mostly on the anus which occurs due to blood clotting. In some cases, this is extremely unpleasant, but the aforementioned swelling disappears sometimes by itself or with a normal therapy. Approximately more than 50 years, suffering from which fifty per cent of all people the swollen Haemorrhoidal nodules. In the case of male patients they occur more and more.