The waves break on the Mediterranean sea walls of the Old Acre – the powerful, emerging from centuries of sandstone walls. These walls, fortresses and fortifications were built, many people who left behind an impressive legacy. Not accident in 2001, Acre was inscribed on the UNESCO World Heritage List. If you want to understand and feel Israel should visit Acre! Here East and West meet, old and new, beauty and ruins, and all this makes Acre unique city. There is always teeming with life, in every corner awaits a new adventure.

In ancient times, Acre was one of the most important cities in the Middle East, has become home to members of many cultures. Its Crusaders won, here for many centuries lived Ottomans. Napoleon tried to conquer Acre, but after two months of siege and failed attempts to storm the city walls was forced to retreat. A fascinating story city, its sights, the legacy left by its conquerors, its unusual decorating buildings and temples – this is just a part of it has to offer Acre. You will see a huge mosque and a Christian monastery, inn ("Khan") and the Turkish baths, halls, built Knights Templar, a unique underground tunnel Templars and fascinating archeological findings. In Acre there are interesting museums, many churches, hotels, adjacent to the inviting beaches, promenade, restaurants and picturesque fishing port. Every year there are colorful festivals that attract thousands of visitors and tourists from all over the world.

Between the ancient streets is a colorful market, where life abounds, especially on weekends. There is also a restaurant, famous for its hummus to the whole of Israel, and sometimes to get a table for two, even have to queue. Nearby, in the port – excellent fish restaurants, which offers fishing, yesterday evening to splash in the sea. Not far from Acre Bahai garden is created by followers of the Baha'i in Israel. Stroll along the paths of the garden, and you'll appreciate its amazing beauty and grooming. Acre – a charming town where you can catch up with the past, visit the interesting festival or just a romantic evening, walking by the sea.