Vitamin C, E, and ALA can protect heart arteries man in the course of its long history has developed many mechanisms to protect themselves from diseases. Inflammation are also included. They provide very useful reactions of the body to respond to external stimuli such as E.g. bacteria, to curb the further spread and to repair tissue damaging effects. However, inflammation can be even to the problem. This is often the case, when it becomes chronic and promote causing disease or even cause. There are also diseases, of which it is not so well known that they had to do something with inflammation in addition to well-known inflammatory diseases such as rheumatism and bowel inflammation.

This includes also the atherosclerosis, which can lead to heart attack and stroke. A task that each one of us should perform consistently is to prevent diseases of the cardiovascular system such as heart attack and stroke. It is important, that some basic measures such as, for example, sufficient exercise, healthy diet and if necessary weight reduction. However, many people wonder whether they could do more. Again this discusses the importance of vital substances for disease prevention. Current study results show that for an effective prevention of heart attack and stroke antioxidant vitamins and the plant-based Omega-3 fatty acid are ALA of particular importance, as they can the challenges inflammatory processes in the blood vessels. This applies in addition to vitamin vitamin C, two international studies have shown recently.

In both studies, the researchers demonstrated that vitamin C in the situation is to reduce tissue damage due to inflammation in the arteries. Thus, this experimental research in a line to large observational studies have noted several thousand participants are that taking supplemental vitamin C and vitamin the risk for coronary heart disease and the risk for Stroke can reduce. Thus, the new findings confirm results from earlier very extensive research. After that is the combination of vitamin C and vitamin in correct dosage in able to combat risk factors for heart attack and stroke. This applies in particular to prevent the preservation of elasticity of the arterial walls to high blood pressure and to prevent stopping the progression of hardening of the arteries clogging of the vessels. Taking supplemental vitamin C and E, so the conclusion of the present research, can therefore reduce the risk for heart attack and stroke. And this all the more so if the anti-inflammatory properties of purely plant-based Omega-3 fatty acid ALA is also familiar. Extensive research of cardiac and vascular-protecting properties have shown for this natural substance. ALA is a natural inhibitor of inflammation reactions that play a role also in the development of cardiovascular disease. Therefore, many recommend Pharmacist health-conscious customers special vitamin C plus (CorVitum tablets) and highly purified ALA from flaxseed oil (OmVitum capsules) to the inhibition of inflammatory changes and prevention of cardiovascular diseases such as heart attack.