At the time that a happy couple a great decision to join their lives forever through the sacred marriage, seek to conform a home from scratch, since before the union each who lived separately, at least physically one of the other, so begins a process of formation of the home, where it usually still has not been achieved anything that is common to both and useful for the new direction that will take their lives to from the moment they join in sacred marriage, in such a way an incentive for the formation of the new home, they are different here than friends, family and loved ones, they can provide to the happy couple to help greatly to shaping the new home, although we must bear in mind that those present have become something as traditional which can be performed in two ways, one are gifts for weddings, where at a party in advance of the wedding who are invited, can give any kind of gifts to the couple, gifts that are useful for both in shaping the home, in this form of the guests, wedding gifts they have the free disposal of choosing that gift want to provide to the couple, while in another mode which is the list of weddings, the future couple who live by always together, makes a list of the items considered will be most needed in shaping the home.

After this list of weddings they carried any supermarket that has this mode customer, you have to take into account elements that must contain the list of weddings, are elements that are sold in that place, after which the couple has carried the wedding list, the place chosen, stops the list there, then those who have been invited to the wedding, will attend to the supermarket and buy any items containing the list of weddings, then buy it IMU list, so at the time of the wedding ceremony, to get all the items that were purchased from the wedding list is you delivered to the happy couple who recently got married. Each form has their big favorites, as with wedding gifts will gives a large number of present, that will be of great help to the couple, often give away items that the couple, for some reason can be let go at weddings, in addition to this list may occur to eventuality that someone who has great appreciation for the couple perform a gift of great magnitude or great value, present as a home to greatly facilitate tasks that accompany getting onea trip to enjoy honeymoon, a cart that will allow the couple to always have the ease of going somewhere, but the downside is that being of free choice of the guests occasionally can be a couple things that some other guest has already, in the list of weddings, there is no situation of repeating elements, most eventualities of great gifts, should not be submitted but who wants it to make heart very surely will do so anyway whatever the situation.. .