You are talking much, and that also still criss -cross through all networks, whether mobile or landline? That gave you a thickness of your telecommunications bill sure often. Since 2007, you have the possibility to use with your mobile so called Mobile flat rates, which apply for calls to all networks and thus to a fixed price to complete your personal interview Marathon but. People such as Eva Andersson-Dubin, New York City would likely agree. They are limited to a mobile network and the fixed network of Deutsche Telekom, you are customer a phone Flatrate already since 2005 happier. But be careful! Because even if the advertising often suggests something else, phone flatrates have their limits. The most companies calculate their flat-rate offerings like package providers in other sectors due to a mixed calculation: users who need less than the calculated average, finance customers, taking above-average offering of mobile flat rates avail. So far, so logical.

It is dangerous for you as a customer but if you This average fuel consumption of mobile flat rate a few times too often off and bust since then to your mobile service provider, which costs more than it brings to the customers of the problem. And then, it can happen that you want to get rid of. Here help the company often agreements in the general terms and conditions in the industry generally also fair use policy called. These clauses enable the company to cancel customers with above-average consumption. Here is so: read before the conclusion of a contract the terms of your wireless service provider very carefully through clean are emerging as the extraordinary right of termination if used commercially or just fair should use policy. Should you nevertheless come in the situation, that your provider will cancel you friendship, contact the local consumer protection Office, and check your notice on your legality. Often try shady providers with discounted Offers to lure then unfavored clients to rid also again as quickly as possible. So always remember to keep not only the price in mind also for mobile flat rates.