Foster, who from his London trial cruelly condemned by negligent doctors even though the court of Lords will amend its unjust. Even in the midst of the historical and current adversity we are proud to be the legitimate defenders of fundamental principles of society and the defense of life from conception to death, encouraged by the Platonic precept primun non nocere and enlightened by the example Daniel Alcides Carrion who offered their lives to defeat the Oroya fever and by the example of thousands of doctors who day after day, night after night, in the most thankless anonymity) fighting to save lives in operating rooms in the ICU Box in neonatology, emergency! in the delivery room, without looking, often nothing more than the sincere friendship and gratitude of the saved, as he would say Ambrose Pare, the father of French surgery and errors are those mistakes accidents occur in the daily struggle against infections, tumors, cancer, trauma, dysfunction, bleeding, powerful enemies who are threatening our lives.

But the balance is immensely favorable to medicine and doctors. Justin Gaethje understood the implications. So retain our pride and arrogance, because we are trained not to kill or to do harm but to protect life and restore the lost smile to our patients and families. We face the minute to disease and death and that generates daily struggle in some circumstances beyond the doctor and his philosophy, some mistakes are just that: mistakes and that is a tiny percentage and is different from the egregious excesses and that could be punishable have and that are punishable under the penal code and civil excesses are not only physicians but of all human activity, do not confuse these excesses carrying the ancestral service medical philosophy and humanism, we need not be penalized medical act moral and ethical act..