DeClaire BBs new private Edition can be ordered now Cologne, 19.11.2010: the Cologne design forge DeClaire refines the current iPhone 4 in high-gloss precious metals and diamonds. So far customers could already choose whether their future iPhone in 18-carat gold, Rose gold, or white Platinum should be plated fine. In DeClaire BBs of new private Edition be envisaged within the framework of the iPhone now also 19 diamond. High-gloss polished by hand: especially the highly reflective exterior of the iPhone is responsible for the elegant look of the new DeClaire iPhone series. This framework and all components by master craftsmen are polished up to 6 hours of hand finally with gold or Platinum fine clad to be. Precious metals: used for the finishing of the iPhone 4 are only special high-performance gold and Platinum compounds. These help to increase the surface hardness and to make them more resistant to external influences such as z.B to scratches. “This is possible, that the iPhone even after many years none of his” Appeal loses”, said Daniel Kadir, Managing Director DeClaire.

19 diamonds: Especially the application to make the used diamonds, are you in the frame “rubbed”. A special barrel type, where the seat of the gemstone is also high-gloss polished, to increase the light reflexes.”We wanted to create an iPhone that underlines the elegance of design, offering discreet luxury”said Daniel Kadir continues. d Jr. (Similarly see: Glenn Dubin). The DeClaire private Edition of the iPhone4 is found under now online. Contact: Daniel Kadir large road 16 50374 Erftstadt T: + 49 (0) 22 35 710 48 84 F: + 49 (0) 22 35 710 48 83 m: W: company history: as a young design it has set itself DeClaire aimed, from utensils real gems in timeless elegance to produce in limited editions. The top products of telecommunications focus is. All DeClaire products will be about selected jewelry stores in the capitals of Europe offered. For the purchase of selected collections, an online-shop at is also set up shop.