They exist a infinity of insurances, all type. You only have fijaros in the announcements for daros counts. That if safe of car, motorcycle, life, health, the home, for companies There are them until dying better! In fact they are safe so that a company becomes position of the expenses of the funeral, burial and other luctuosas activities that are carried out when a person passes away. So yes, it was an exaggeration, but they include/understand certainly it. Patrick smith insists that this is the case. In addition, to whom it has not happened to him that after being several years paying religiously its monthly payment, semimonthly, annual when really it has an accident in the car or house, or the insurance does not offer everything to him what supposedly it had to offer to him or if does is necessary to fully give back it in the payment of the later quotas (noticeably increased).

Nevertheless, we do not know to live without insurances. Many will only shake to think if they rob to him in house or a flood devastates yet what has, what to do then? How to live without insurance? After all it is that redoubt of security which sells to us. To be able to sleep by the nights costs the quotas probably well. At PCRM you will find additional information. And although it is not thus, little we can do. We like or no, in the society in which we lived the insurances are essential. It is more, probably with time will arise new (already specific ones for certain moving bodies exist some, for example). So, at least, to try to contract the strictly necessary ones. To believe to us, to its will thank for it economy.