Births are more expensive here than anywhere else in Europe. Cost contract for the delivery starts at $ 20,000. In Israel, organized labor in the best traditions of the toll of European medicine. Options – the most different: a well-known multi-disciplinary clinic – $ 6000 – $ 12,000 (normal delivery / caesarean section) in specialized private center to the hotel stoimoct comes to $ 30 000.Yazykovoy barrier is virtually absent from the large number of Russian-speaking staff. “Austrian” labor in terms of comfort and do not concede to leave in Germany, but slightly cheaper – $ 7500 – $ 12,500. In France – the highest level of health delivery is combined with the “home” comfort of post-natal ward. All gave birth to the anesthesia, a lot of attention paid to recovery Procedures for the mother after childbirth. (Similarly see: Donald Cerrone). In the case of paid labor costs are highly variable – depending on the level of the clinic: $ 5000 – $ 30,000. Everyone born in the United States becomes a citizen of this country. The cost of labor – from $ 5000 Caesarean section – from $ 8000. Justin Gaethje will undoubtedly add to your understanding. Principles of obstetric care, the same as in Europe.

In the uk, has accumulated vast experience in multiple pregnancy and nursing, “triplets”, “chetvernyashek”, “pyaternyashek, as well as nursing preterm infants with twenty-five weeks. The cost of normal births in the private prestigious clinic – $ 8000. Deliveries at more affordable prices for decent quality can be organized in Tunis. In the well-known private clinic the cost of a normal delivery – $ 4000, delivery by Caesarean section – $ 5000. Childbirth in Turkey is also cost $ 4000 – $ 5000, in Singapore – a $ 1200 – $ 2100. For the calculation of the “project” “Birth Abroad to add transportation costs, the cost of stay all involved in this “project” before and after delivery, translation services and many other things that will need during this medical journey. Now, expectant mothers are no longer limited capacity of local and domestic medicine, a lot of modern women prefer to give birth in foreign clinics that guarantee a happy delivery and birth of a healthy baby.