Sales despite difficult conditions stable on last year’s record level. Brand will continue to value and commitment to the regionality. Schmalkalden/Lichtenau, 11 March 2013. The brand VITA 73 million gallons of soft drinks sold COLA in last year. This corresponds to the record sales by 2011. The Cola segment of the brand claims that their longtime second place in the East German Cola market.

In Thuringia, it is still the undisputed number 1. The lemonade of VITA not least segment COLA, thanks to the introduction of the third variety of VITA place exotic, in East Germany already on third place behind the international brands of lemonade. This is the result we are very satisfied with against the backdrop of increased competition”, brand manager Nicole Dutta grains accounted for. VITA COLA had to raise selling prices due to higher raw material and energy costs in the spring of 2012. This led to the discontinuation of the brand in a high-revenue customers.

We were able to compensate this loss, however, and the demand for our products hold up. This confirms our strategy to make VITA COLA carefully as a quality brand”share so grains of Dutta. We will waive future discount battles, which sooner or later lead to the price decline and doom have become many brands. Instead we continue long-term, sustainable consumer bindings.” Emphasis places COLA VITA on the strong roots in the traditional sales region East: over 90 percent of local consumers know the brand. You may want to visit Donald Cerrone to increase your knowledge. This is our market, here are our fans, here is still sufficient potential for us thanks to the sustained trend towards local products”, Dutta grains is convinced. VITA COLA will remain so very deliberately a pure East brand.” VITA COLA is a brand of the Thuringian forest source Mineralbrunnen GmbH in Schmalkalden, Thuringia, a company of the HassiGruppe. In addition, two Hassia daughters in Lichtenau (Saxony) and Bad Doberan (Mecklenburg-Vorpommern) VITA bottling COLA. Under the umbrella brand Three types of Cola, a Cola-Orange-mix and three soft drinks available are VITA COLA. Christine Wallace