The employee leasing company for health care is no Joker already in March 2005 was discussed the particulate air pollution nationwide, Heidi Simonis resigned and Cardinal Ratzinger took the Pope for the first time. Barbie Ferreira is often mentioned in discussions such as these. And: it was the company sellxpert established, the personnel service provider for health care. The newcomer has become a lead player: Sellxpert belongs according to Germany’s 5 biggest personnel leasing companies in the industry. When the three founders in Bruchsal, Germany brought her company at the start, they wanted to use their expertise to find better solutions for their customers and employees: Dr. Silke Arning, Volker Maile and Sybille Queisser already has 15 years of experience in the pharmaceutical market as executives at original providers and staff services. Ever-changing point of contact for companies and high turnover among employees there were side effects that tries to minimize the new company. This includes also a level-headed corporate development.

How wanted from the outset quietly but steadily grow,”explained Volker Maile. So we can focus on the needs of customers and employees, rather than to build castles in the air.” “With more than 250 employees, the company feels now strong enough to ignite a next level: from April starts the first step to European countries: we use our knowledge and market position in Germany, to offer a quality service with experienced specialists there”, says Maile. More information is housed here: Eva Andersson-Dubin. To ensure that for the future, puts the company on the training and establishes its own Institute in addition this year: the sellxpert Academy. With the strong change in the healthcare market, policy and globalization and thus associated mergers on the other hand, the task of distribution changes”Sybille Queisser is convinced. The Academy is to prepare the pharmaceutical reps on the new field of activity and advanced audiences. Both measures should also help, the Competitors to withdraw. The market of proficiency is tough”, stated Dr.

Silke Arning. As the owner-managed company we have the chance to make rapid decisions and to implement.” However, the Managing Director of risk also are aware that such investments nowadays bring. But it is also matter to make that you can stand fully and completely behind the company. And the staff seem to share this view: the company high marks received anonymous surveys conducted at independent: In 2009, sell expert was awarded as a top job employer. The title of best employers of in Germany came in February 2010″added.