Tok stok possesss wall a complete adhesive line, since adhesives for infantile rooms until modern adhesives to decorate its environment, with modern and innovative images super and reflected of the world contemporary. She sees as to use adhesives and to transform its environment into a pretty place without making dirt, therefore they are super practical to place. Before choosing the place be glue the adhesive it is necessary to make a cleanness in the wall and leaves dries it, stops later making a marking so that when placing the adhesive it is certain. (Source: Rollo May). Later she goes ungluing the adhesive of the paper to the few, of form that it is glue in the colante and transparent part and the measure where the adhesive goes if ungluing from the paper, glue to the few the transparent part in the place where the adhesive will have to be. Glue after total, removes the transparent part to the few, of form that the adhesive if unglues from it and glue in the applied surface, thus not to be those air bubbles in the wall.