Within a period of 2 or 3 days the Google AdSense team will review the request and if it is approved you will then be able to access your account and obtain the HTML code that you will insert in your spaces Web. 7. How much earn with Google AdSense? The income that you get with Google AdSense depend on the amount of clicks you receive and this depends on your web site, its design and the amount of daily visitors that you have (also called traffic), content, etc. Party, the price of the ads that appear is determined at auction, so it is not possible to set a fixed price for each ad. There are three ways to earn money with Google AdSense: cost per click (or CPC) where you’ll get revenue when users click on the ads published in your web space. Cost per thousand impressions (or CPM), where register revenue once the ad is displayed to a user of your website (click or not in him). AdSense for search where you are allowed to put a direct Google search box on your web site. In this case only receive income when users perform searches on your site and decide to click on any of the ads that appear in the results.

8. How much exactly earn? Google AdSense for content: earn 68% of what Google charges advertisers. Google AdSense for search: win 51% of what Google charges advertisers. Google does not guarantee a minimum of income, all depends on your ability and work. 9. How to choose Google AdSense what ads put in my web space? Google’s technology is responsible for determining automatically ads that are published on a web page based on several factors; analysis of the key words, the frequency of occurrence of words, language, the font size, the map on the web page. Thanks to them Google League accurately your ads with your website.