We can say that it was a matter of life and death. And astrology has helped me to resolve it. I am still grateful for that and his astrologer, and science itself astrology. I was always interested in everything mysterious, I always wanted to solve the intricate puzzles, reveal secrets and to understand the meaning of symbols. It was this interest has led me to school Pavel Globa.

He presents us with astrology in a very broad – the political, historical, literary, esoteric, psychological – the context, not simply as the science of movement of the planets. In parallel, I studied the technical literature, and I can be proud that read almost all the interesting authors who have written on the subject of astrology. 3. Now great interest in people to astrology. It's a craze or a natural process? We live in a very interesting time, as were at the crossroads two eras – Pisces and Aquarius.

In the age of Pisces was a lot of hidden knowledge, all the main lay under a bushel, and was "an enigma". In the age of Aquarius is the tacit knowledge becomes accessible to all and brings to light the mysteries of God. Now we Just to be in transition. But already seen all the trends of Aquarius. That is why there was such a huge interest in people to astrology, not only for astrology, but to all spiritual and occult knowledge (I remind readers that the word Occultism in Latin means "hidden secret").