Insurance expert tested what police without guaranteed interest but is good for the new police with the ERGO and Alliance so eager to advertise? Insurance expert Axel Kleinlein compared the new Alliance model, called “perspective” with the classic life insurance. “He wanted to find out, inter alia,” which contract would be better run: the classic “or but a contract with identical costs, with a 0.3 percent higher profit-sharing and a retirement after the then applicable accounting principles”? Initially, Kleinlein new warranty model calculated a higher overall capital. But this is so the Treaty – verrentet according to the current terms and conditions, i.e. Continue to learn more with: United Health. with 1.75% guaranteed interest rate and current Unisex mortality table. This means the result: “The classic contract, the pension with 168 euro is considerably higher than the perspective”, where under equal interest only 122 euro pension there. “That is, the pension would be worse by about a fifth today if one then the perspective” selected would have”, so Kleinleins conclusion in the Handelsblatt.

His recommendation to the intermediary therefore: they sell the classic product better. The perspective”is for your customers” simply too risky. Moreover: the classical life insurance company is traded on the secondary market. The insured person can generate here already added value after a certain period on the sale of the policy on the secondary market. Secondary market for life insurance: at the latest at the point, if one wants to separate from his contract, it is recommended by consumer protection agencies of importance, whether you have a policy with a guaranteed interest rate, or not, because: For insured cancellation is a bad deal regularly “, the Badische Zeitung writes. Since 1850, there is the idea of the second market, initially in Britain, since about 1999 in Germany. In particular the consumer centres see a good alternative in sales: “If properly addressed it, it is a good way”, as Peter Grieble, insurance specialist of the Consumer Council Baden-Wurttemberg.

Here, you should make sure that the purchase price of buy-back value is. Deals that would pay the purchase price in installments were, however, dubious. Also good dealers offer, to get insurance for the event of death. The author also refers to the buying criteria of the Federal Association of BVZL.