Method Reabel, beauty with medical base beauty is the property of the things that makes love them and produces delight. From a psychological point of view, beauty is what is attractive and pleasant to the senses, and whose contemplation generates enjoyment. There are beautiful things, as well as beautiful human beings. Beauty is an abstract notion linked to human existence. In all peoples and cultures, during all times, women have makeup to look more young, beautiful and healthy. Perhaps why the women of the middle ages poked a finger and with the blood enrojecian her cheeks, and with the passing of the years the Red was used or pink in cosmetics. Recent studies with infants have shown that they like to see the most beautiful faces of people and remain for more minutes observing them, with obvious pleasure. On the other hand, the notion of welfare refers to the set of things they need to live well.Given that the concept of feel good is subjective, the welfare represents different things according to the subject in question. It is well known that looking good has a positive impact on our State of well-being. Our appearance affects favourably in our social life, helps us to carry out our profession with greater security, as well as relate better with the couple on the basis that develops a higher self-esteem and disinhibition. Why look good is associated positively with the fact of feeling well. This coincides with the approach of health aesthetics that we’ve been promoting for almost 20 years, which calls for a State of well-being of the individual, which can manifest itself then in the form of beauty, being this result and synonymous with health. In contrast with the concept of beauty by deception, where superficial and immediate aim to show a beautiful appearance, although this is not supported by a State of physical and psychological well-being.