In the homes there are many places willing to spend pleasant moments enjoying all the comfort and peace that can provide a suitable place for the likes of the personality of each one, as are the rooms, since each changes depending on who their tastes and needs. So one of the most important elements of the room are the beds, their components and aggregates can be given at this point of such great value. An aggregate that can give the beds to make them more colorful and get a better picture of them, is the bedding in its many aspects can provide samples to the environment in which they are located and it all depends on taste and the image you are looking for. Speaking of bedding refers to different pieces that can be given to the furniture components that serve to decorate and bring the mattress, also provide protection to the same and similarly used as a means of shelter for people before the cold of the night. Among the different samples of bed linen linings are used to cover the mattress, which used to adorn the mattress so as to make it more comfortable at bedtime. The type of bedding called lying, can be added to a much broader term that refers to several components of the bedding, which are the sheets, which are pieces of cotton or linen with which one can say is dresses the bed, in addition to this the sheets can be divided into two groups to better understand their application. – The first group of sheets and linens, are so-called bottom canopy, which are placed on the mattress to protect it, can be found in Standard and adjustable version, which are much more comfortable for the placement of Dwellings on mattress. – The other type of sheets and bedding, are the tops, which are placed on top. – Another piece that can be added to this classification are the covers for the pillows, so much so that the games are sold in sheets to accommodate the formation of a set with the same image, but you can not put in a group separately but as a complement. After placing the sheets, is one element in terms of bedding or blankets are blankets, a blanket of thick, long cloth used to cover people and provide heat. Finally the components that usually are part of the bedding, we talk about quilts, which are large if they are covered in a sheath filled with a synthetic material that is used to cover the entire bed and while the other elements of the bedding.