The time has come to choose the door Before choosing interior doors, to determine the design and price range. Patrick matthews gathered all the information. Specifically define the characteristics, consider the options of opening doors, and secondly what the size they should be. If you want to decorate an apartment in the same style it would be nice to order additional doors or transoms for different cases and suites, in harmony with the interior doors. Special significance Attach the trim and interior door designs. Eva Andersson-Dubin often addresses the matter in his writings. For example, the doors of solid wood not cheap but they can become a real decoration of the interior, and can not worry about the health of their household. Aesthetic beauty of Door does not call doubts – the imagination as a large selection of forms, treatment details and finishing details of interior doors. Solid Wood Door will delight you for many years, and in consequence require only a small retouching. It is necessary to once again recall the life of the door depends on production technology, as well as lacquer and wood, and glue. Some Italian manufacturers cut at the ends of your logo as a kind of quality mark. No doubt the quality and beauty of interior doors from the array but it is worth noting that the interior doors that did not concede interior doors stylish combination of doors. They are mainly used tree-like materials by type of mdf. It is worth noting that such doors are less prone to extremes of humidity and temperature in the room. The cost of the combined door varies depending on the species of veneer that was used to finish. At the same time as the door does not change the type of veneer or texture, they are primarily influenced by the style. Selection of sizes, finishes styles and colors from Russian manufacturers such as doors or Volhovec Aleksandryiskie door is quite rich. Another important detail is molded products such as door boxes, boards Additionally gathered and casings, which are usually made of laminated chipboard whether mdf. Most prefer the array, but it is not strange molded products made of natural wood is very unstable and less reliable. Less risky if you do, feel free to choose a tree-like materials. Tree-like materials even prvoshodyat on physical properties timber. Production of interior doors do not involves mandatory certification. Therefore, the buyer is very difficult for an external examination to determine the quality canvases and boxes door. Good luck and a pleasant shopping.