It will start the second phase of the cancer treatment that included chemotherapy. Vice President, Elias Jaua, and the Minister of planning and finance, Jorge Giordani are responsible for the tasks delegated by Chavez. Since the island you can sign official documents and head a Council of Ministers via telematics. The President of Cuba, Raul Castro, received at the Havana airport to the Venezuelan leader, Hugo Chavez, who arrived on the island Sunday to start the second phase of the cancer treatment that suffers and undergo chemotherapy. In its report from midnight on Saturday, Cuban television aired a video without sound of the arrival of Hugo Chavez in the Havana airport, where Raul Castro greeted him accompanied by the Minister for Foreign Affairs of the island, Bruno Rodriguez. Chavez announced on Friday in Caracas who had requested permission to travel to Cuba and to comply with the second phase of his treatment for cancer, that Venezuelan Parliament It will include chemotherapy.

You delegate part of his duties Saturday, the Parliament of Venezuela authorized travel to Cuba of Hugo Chavez, who also signed a decree to delegate part of his duties as State j in Vice-President Elias Jaua, and the Minister of planning and finance, Jorge Giordani. This is a decree for delegating, not how they want to some sectors of the opposition, which I give the Government () am going to delegate a set of functions, as required by the Constitution, the Vice President Elias Jaua, and in the Minister Jorge Giordani, Chavez announced in an extraordinary Council of Ministers. Jaua was commissioned by Chavez to make transfers from budgets of the ministries, make budgetary rectifications, expropriations and forced acquisitions of companies. In addition, Jaua is authorized to approve the accounts of the Ministers, elimination and changes in public bodies and address on presidential commissions. The Minister of planning, Giordani, for its part, will have the function declare budgetary shortfalls and exemptions, when necessary, of the the value added tax (VAT) and tax on income (income). The powers that the President of Venezuela retained this Saturday maintained a tight agenda to let resolved issues that will enable you to keep control of the Government despite being in Cuba, to meet with his ministers; then do it with his followers of the United Socialist Party of Venezuela (PSUV), and, later, with sympathizers who dismissed him.

To keep control of the Government and to sign official documents from the island, Chavez was instructed in the use of an electronic card that can stamp, valid and legally, its rubric. You can also direct a Council of Ministers via telematics, which assured that you will be informed of everything that happens in Government. Chavez did not say when will return to Venezuela, but said that his absence would be for a short time. Surgery for a pelvic abscess last June Hugo Chavez underwent two operations in Cuba, where he arrived the day 8 of this month to complete the last stage of a tour of the region which had earlier taken him to Brazil and Ecuador. Chavez had to undergo emergency on June 10 to remove a pelvic abscess, and the 20th of the same month a cancerous tumor was removed. On 30 June, Chavez sent a television message to Venezuelans from Havana, communicating for the first time the details of his illness and interventions to which he had been subjected, and 4th of July returned in a surprising way to Caracas.