Under modern conditions of scientific and technical progress the problem of health and environmental crisis has worsened. This is followed by a sharp deterioration of the environment and the manifestation of the properties, harmful, or even harmful to plants, animals and man himself. Water pollution by substances harmful to the flora and fauna, and human health in recent years are alarming because of the damage to nature and people. Great attention is paid to chemical contamination, although the biological (bacteriological, viral, parasitic) is more dangerous. Biological environmental contaminants are numerous and varied. Causes morbidity, in most cases are associated with biological contamination of the aquatic environment.

The problem of public health depends on the availability of a specific pathogen in the human environment, elements of which are not only air, water, soil, food products, but also plants, insects, animals, are a precondition for the spread of disease. Of particular danger is posed by untreated sewage. Surface waters are often used as a natural successor household sewage and systematically subjected to intense pollution. In the fight against infectious and viral diseases we have used a wide arsenal of diagnostic and preventive measures against the people and the environment. The aim of our work is integrated application of low-frequency electromagnetic fields (EMF) on the microbial contamination of the aquatic environment and immunity in humans. The study is based, the task of disinfecting the various categories of water and stimulate the human immune. The developed method of disinfecting water by the priority of its processing of low-frequency field, the ionization of which is identical to the human biofield.