One of the characteristics of this disease is the trap (evil intentional action) generated by thinking, to such an extent that if we feel sadness or joy, we conclude in drink. Why? Many times the purpose of not drinking more or drinking less has become and continual backsliding in the same circle vicious. As alcoholics know, there is no way to control how we drink, no pills, neither formulas nor magical. The output consists of talking what we think, as well as focusing our attention on the feel that produce our thoughts and monitor the malice that they produce how? Talking. Is truth that he already realized that the apparent well-being that produces drug momentary? That feel good, as a synonym for consumption, need your complaint and protest to the established orders, to responsibility, to reality itself. Why is looking for an exit? I will say, in you there is an inner strength that knows that you can get out of it, seize it now, not tomorrow, now. Understand and manage their anxiety of consumption through converse thoughts that make you believe that eating is what you need.

We know the characteristics of the alcoholic disease and avoid considered a Vice, since this lies in the way of thinking of the person, so the observation of the thinking is the key to understand that we we ourselves that we generate and allow ourselves to the intake of alcoholic beverages. I refer to my alcoholic experience in search of a point of view practical and applicable, does not thereby intend to be disrespectful to the scientific research and efforts made by who and other entities. In fact their contributions been made policies and campaigns aimed at the treatment of this disease. With the intention to contribute to this effort think it relevant to mention that alcoholism is a disease, which lies in the way people think, undoubtedly this is associated him with others more evident that develop as a result of oral intake of alcoholic beverages. However, not for being located in the thinking of the individual is exempt from symptoms which we can list. 1) 2) Insidious progressive 1 2 3) 4) deadly Incurable 5) contagious are willing to share their process private and respectful.