Ethical and ideological values will appear throughout the way and will go to demand imagined performances before its occurrence at least. The psychologist in the hospital context comes across itself of aviltante form with one of the basic rights that are being denied the majority of the population, the health. The principle a right of all started to be a privilege of few in detriment of many. The dista hospital context of significant form of that idealizao made in them you deal academics. It is attended in this context, the desumana condition that the sufficiently tired population already to suffer to all the possible forms from social injustices, has to submit itself in search of the act of receiving of an adjusted treatment, in addition what it is aggravation passes to be considered normal. The sick people are obliged to accept as all normal the aggression forms with which if they come across in health search. The psychologist is inserted in this context of health, of form so entangled how much other operating professionals in the area of the health, many times, without one real conscience of this reality. Innumerable contradictions succeed in all the levels in the hospital context, therefore we will go to find in this reality, professionals highly specialized.

Very always informed well of the existing techniques that are constantly improving them in courses and congresses in the centers more developed of the Europe and United States. Alarming data inform that 95% of the childbirths are carried through in house and without the lesser prenatal accompaniment and the number of people who receive some type of assistance he is almost null. The psychologist perceives in the hospital context that the teachings and theoretical readings of its practical academic will not be, for greaters that is the hours of study and theoretical reflection on the thematic one, is not enough to base its performance.