An overdose of them, as opposed to natural, can lead to severe poisoning and allergies especially in children. In the area of dietary supplements is not observed. In qualitative lobavok no contraindications are fakes – nairedchayshy case. Over the past 8 years the French have begun to take much more of dietary supplements. Statistics confirm that more than 87% of French people use them regularly. And in 2005, acknowledged that France was the healthiest country in the World! Experts predict that a systematic method of quality nutritional supplements designed to significantly improve the health status population. But, is it – right? Practice shows that – yes, OST's true.

And so, now just need to take dietary supplements. It is an indispensable attribute of a healthy lifestyle, as they contain an enormous quantity of active ingredients. And no wonder that the world demand for them grows. However, it should begin as soon as possible. Why wait for the manifestation of the first signs of illness? Why should we, like prudent for the Europeans and Americans do not care about their health for five years prior to the problem, not five minutes before his death, as we used to? B principle, to restore balance to the changing environment, we only need to include dietary supplements in your daily diet to your body completely received those substances that should receive, and secured the protection of what is called the excess of civilization – from air pollution, water quality of the food and ending with the inevitable stresses. Of course, someday it will happen. Just because there is no other alternative. Supplements can overcome the articular illnesses, improve vision in all areas of health – almost back to us.

What we need to know when choosing nutritional supplements? – First of all, must be careful of fakes. Hastoyaschie dietary supplements have passed all the necessary clinical trials and have all the necessary documentation. Before you use any supplements you should consult with specialists. To supplement benefited, remember that you need to take a clear time limit and in combined with appropriate diet. Then, you need to know, in recent years in Russia have already appeared dietary supplements made by innovative technologies in accordance with standard GMP, and of course – is the most effective, what can be. These as having biologically active agents (food additives from VISION)