Love is a desire inherent in the heart of every human being, however, it is also true that with the coming of maturity, sentiment loses its intensity and wins the rationality. Gone was longed teenage insanity in some moments. With maturity, are still being felt the butterflies in the stomach, nerves are still present, but differently and to varying degrees. Something that is very positivio because that would be a real chaos live at the mercy of a feeling that sometimes is irrational impulse. And is that many teenage infatuations are blind to not be based in mutual knowledge but in the idealization that each makes the other.

The reality is that there are many different types of life, i.e., some people prefer to live in couple while others opt for loneliness either by a voluntary decision by random questions. The fact is that it is better, that each person learns to squeeze the life to the fullest on the basis of their chances rather than frustrated by what they don’t have. Singleness has several positive points, for example, It allows you to organize your time according to your preferences. You have greater freedom not just the weekend, but that you can also make fun or cultural plans during the week. In fact, you can sign up for different courses to meet new people while you learn new skills. You can also perform a volunteer activity, for example, can give classes to children who need after-school support, accompany sick that they spend their hours in a hospital room or visit elderly people who live alone in their houses and need affection.

In your own city, you can find information about which foundations or associations exist that they require voluntary labour to sow a little hope in a somewhat dehumanized world. Loneliness is also a very relative term and is that, when a person is happy and feels made you experience any emptiness. Emptiness is more painful in an unsatisfactory relationship or before the incompresion. In addition, solitude also lets you prioritize your professional work. A choice that responds to an internal election simply has no greater significance than your own judgment. But to enjoy the most of your loneliness also must break with any type of inner fear. You should not feel strange having no partner. Perhaps, someday reaches your life the ideal person, but meanwhile, enjoy your present and not you obsessions you with tomorrow. And you would rather enjoy the company of the couple or the pleasure of freedom?