Roses – the most popular flowers to be delivered not only as a gift for Valentine's Day, but also as an expression of love, joy and gratitude throughout the year. Delivery of different roses in great demand and has many suggestions, but what to give roses? Shades of roses have different meanings. What feelings do you want to express, giving flowers? Roses are the most likely an expression of love, paying tribute to human history. Flowers have been around for about 35 million years, and their cultivation began in Asia roughly 5,000 years ago, and found in Egyptian tombs wreaths of roses. In most cases, Rose lover gift helps continue the history of human civilization.

Gift Rose has a clear message and a nice effect for the recipient. Red roses. – The most popular color for Valentine's Day and other romantic holidays. Red roses are perfect to pass such feelings like love, romance and even compliments, because red symbolizes love, beauty, courage and respect. White roses mean purity and innocence. White roses used to express the true, pure love long before the red roses.

Today, however, white roses are associated with purity and innocence, and may send a message, for example, that 'our love – our secret. " White roses can gracefully take care, and in combination with roses express the beauty of pure love. Pink roses. Dark pink roses express gratitude, and often delivered to the expression of gratitude. Light pink roses on the other hand, have an entirely different meaning – delight, joy and happiness. Light pink roses are presented on Valentine's Day, when they want to tell of happiness, gratitude and generosity. Carnations, tulips and daisies. Cloves have reported that your heart belongs lover, for example, 'Alas, my heart belongs to you'. A daisy can say 'we feel the same', or to express a gesture of goodwill. Stalk me-nots could mean true love, so often white petals of this complement the flower bouquet. Tulips mean perfect love and have a large selection of available colors. This is not surprising, since each has a different meaning. Red tulips indicate pure love, purple associated with the majesty, dignity, and the white and yellow tulips symbolize congratulation and joy. Valentine's Day is a great occasion not only for such services as delivery of flowers to his beloved, but also to show care, selecting the most appropriate flower. Time spent studying the color values of their types and shades will help to more accurately describe your feelings.