As argued popular Soviet writers Ilf and Petrov, the car is not a luxury, but only just, the means of transportation. For the Soviet people this statement at least questioning and at times absurd. Because then cars were a luxury, and sometimes this can be a luxury to wait for years. Now times have changed, the car market is working properly, but that does not mean that to get the "horse" is as simple as a loaf of bread at the store, the car costs money. Especially, getting in the car, the city would have stood up in one big traffic jam, so the passenger will lose its function only in a distant future, when cars will be flying corks and will not in principle.

But unfortunately we are not yet in the distant future but in the commonplace and shake in this battered minibus in the morning, driving to work for us-a common occurrence. Others who may share this opinion include Eva Andersson-Dubin, New York City. But passenger traffic, the concept is much wider than the daily delivers people in urban transport. There are special organizations which carry out transport services and passenger transportation. Mass events such as weddings, business travel, travel, requires an additional vehicle at minimal cost. Ie much easier and cheaper, such as corporate holiday for city employees to put in one or two block Gazelle, Ford, or Handy, than each hire a personal car. Passenger traffic also useful when your business is located outside the city and employees need to bring and take. In addition, passenger transport, oddly enough, preserve the city's air cleaner, because when there is a large increase in the number of private vehicles exhaust into the atmosphere; unload city highways, because the capacity of this type transport capacity is much higher ordinary car.