Today countless children are said to have the Polish-Saxon rulers over 350 children are August the strong subordinate. Whether truth or slander, a despiser of food was not the Saxon Polish rulers. Of Wettin dead diabetes aims his genetic contribution to fact that the metabolic syndrome happens remarkably often in Saxony. Undoubtedly, the strong August was the most spectacular ruler personality of Wettin, that German noble family that ruled the longest continuously. He got nicknamed “the strong” pithy conceded only after his death. Deservedly so, because the Friedrich August born on May 12, 1670 in Dresden, distinguished himself in so many ways through sensational.

He was a respectable man person alone with his then considerable 1.76 m in height and stately 110 kg of body weight. Friedrich August is held in addition to his his wedded wife (Christiane Eberhardine of Brandenburg-Bayreuth) eleven “main”-mistresses. The current mistress of good hope or residence for a long time stayed away from the busy country father of Dresdner, he recorded himself – that his bed not erkalte – a slave mistress, and so on and so forth. Because these ladies but to report any maintenance claims against Majesty were entitled, even before the first night of love in writing agreed, that the husband or, if there is not the father of the elect have the children from the liaison as to recognise their own and provide. Therefore the dates Macklin of the 365 children are attributed to Friedrich August persistently until today? One States a Prussian Princess who was moved in Friedrich Augustus field of vision, which Gunst but but not won by numerous declarations, has offended in the circle of their ladies have, a man who every day witness a child, wouldn’t they already in question. Elsewhere, he is held responsible to the electoral mother-in-law for the subordination of all to reach posterity. The loose change of life her son-in-law, the wife had good reasons to move the unfaithful publicly in bad light, and to punish him with defamation.

Demonstrably the strong fathered a legitimate son August, his eleven recognised mistresses gave him eight children. How many fatherhoods on travel, at the camp or incognito in Saxon lands actually responsible for he, is not fathom also posterity. Historians claim that Friedrich August is the progenitor of about fifty local families. At the age of 63, he died of severe diabetes. Doctors discuss due whether the strikingly common in the Federal State of Saxony metabolic syndrome not only on poor eating habits and lack of exercise but also on the genetic impulses Augustus of the strong.