The human being does not already handle with instinct neither acts with impulses. That becomes futile to the reactive mind, because the reasoning replaced the instinct, but is it so?. If we look at, we see that the analytical mind is which is expressed after analyzing and the reactive mind is which reacts automatically, without analyzing. Therefore, with the advent of civilization, that first mind already would have no raison d ‘ etre but continues handling the threads in the conduct of human beings. Why is it that? The first mind is recorded in the genetic code from ago million years and the second, the analytical, it is with humanity for ten thousand years and not being impulsive, reacting later. I tell an anecdote: I was at a standstill waiting for public transport and the side were a gentleman with a four year old boy.

The small was not still at any moment, despite warnings from the father. At any given time, the father reacted and, by lifting the child’s arm, kicked it uncontrollably in the legs and dropped like a bag. Five seconds he noticed what he had done and raised the child, crying unfortunately, covering him with kisses. What had happened? The man had fallen prey to his reactive mind, acting impulsively. Then appeared his analytical mind, that reasoning before acting. But, being slower, it could not avoid the fact.

Another of the fruits of the reactive mind is the ego 3, the biggest obstacle to human development. The ego makes the subject put through various selves. These actors make the role of victim, offender, judge, Inquisitor and passing a superb State to a drama of lack of self-esteem in moments. The ego is the root of you engrams them and is buried in the reactive mind. If there were no ego, there would be the possibility of generating engrams.