Grimburg is the first bio-energy village in Rhineland-Palatinate, and will generate heat in the future with biogas. The advantages of district heating are obvious: the heat locally produced not in large conventional power plants, such as district heating, but in small consumption Middle units. She can be delivered almost loss-free and cost-effective consumer in the House. Larger buildings or entire housing estates within a close network of heat can be supplied with heat. Especially renewable energy sources are ideally suited to environmentally friendly local heat generation: wood chips, pellets, bio-gas, solar thermal or geothermal energy can be used as an energy carrier. When planning a local heat supply following questions users and planners: what renewable resource is the best? How do the local heating network be designed to secure profitability? Technologies and materials can heat loss is kept to a minimum? What legal questions in the Connecting the user and last but not least, how will the construction of local heating networks supported? The 2nd Symposium regenerative heating, which takes place on Jul 3, 2009 during the DENEX in Wiesbaden, discusses technology, planning, promotion and legal background to the local heat supply and compares projects, implemented on the basis of various renewable energy sources. Numerous practical examples make clear requirements and alternatives.

Scientifically is supported and moderated the symposium by engineer. Michael Nast by the German Centre for aviation and Astronautics (DLR). The 2nd Symposium addressed renewable district heating operators and users of local heating networks (urban planners, municipal decision makers, housing associations, property owners), also designers and developers as well as manufacturer in the field of cogeneration, geothermal, solar thermal, wood energy, piping and control systems. The fair DENEX 2009 will be held on Thursday 2nd and Friday 3rd July 2009 in the Rhein-Main-Hallen Wiesbaden instead. It provides a unique overview of the possibilities of renewable energy and energy efficiency in construction and renovation. Around 80 exhibitors will present their products and services around 2,500 visitors.