Going on a trip to a country, we naturally think about what would be so special and distinctive to this country to bring their relatives and friends. Let's look at the Czech Republic. Country in the heart of Europe, famous for diversity of its fauna, medieval buildings and excellent cuisine. Let's dive into this wonderful world! Economic and cultural center of the Czech Republic is, of course, Prague – a city preserved in itself a secret, which attracts to itself again and again, endless streams of tourists and ordinary adventurers. So what makes people from all over the world come to this city? There is no doubt – is the past of Prague.

During the Second World War II, the historical center of Prague, was not injured, that gave us the opportunity to see the cultural heritage of medieval Europe firsthand. But closer to the gifts! His journey would recommend starting with a visit to the Charles Bridge. That – that a place where you can not only enjoy the magnificent scenery of the city, but, for example, buy your own portrait, which you will draw one of the artists or purchase CD with music from playing on the rare medieval instrument (you know what the zither?) According to the Czechs themselves – "Whatever Czech – a musician." Indeed, the history knows many of the great Czech musicians and composers. Symphonic poems by Antonin Dvorak, folk music concerts by Joseph Myslivicheka, the national opera Bergey Smetana, Bohuslav Martinu, musical impressionism – a classic music. Lovers a unique opportunity buy Czech violin or guitar famous brand "of Cremona." At the Charles Bridge you can spend a few hours, admiring the beauty of the coastal area of the city, buying small gifts: from jewelry and ending beautiful scenic pictures. In the midday heat and want to drink a cool refreshing drink. .