Until some time ago it was believed that while more overweight had, healthier. Gave the children plenty of food to be healthier. The ladies walked plump through malls and while more entraditas in meat were were more attractive. The Gabriel method in our days the thing is another. Just knew that fatness is a very hard problem that afflicts increasingly more human beings on Earth, including our tastes are different hanvuelto. Today we strive to be thin, not only because we are better, because it allows us to do many activities than ever before not to be enfermosPero one thing is certain. Fat people do not want to be fat.

It is not your fault. It is very easy to discriminate, muttering behind him, make fun of them. It is a very unjust and at the same time very sad situation. Our way of living we get accustomed to eating in a way that is not always the healthiest. There are few people who can afford to make their meals in family sitting at the table. We eat as we can and where we can. We have become the instant food culture and being overweight is no longer a concern one single but one socialHay Nations in the world who take now to overweight as a concern of health of society several States now are investing many resources to teach their people to reverse their eating habits. We have reached the point that some because they see the problem as an epidemic.

What many do not know is that not all people are not thin by nature. Many are born genetically designed to have tendency to gain weight. Did you know that obesity is one of the main causes of depression? Brands that can leave a person’s self-esteem can be indelible and produce fatal consequences in addition, we entered a vicious circle because gaining weight, appetite increases gradually. This generates anxiety and anxiety is calm with more food. It is as if we jalaramos a trigger or activaramos a bomb detonator mechanism and us upstairs to wait. The question falls by itself: what can I do to lose weight, then? If you’re reading This is because you’ve probably already tried everything: diet, exercise, and a thousand products that are offered on television and through the network. The answer possibly didn’t know it: there is a switch FAT in our body that makes that when we started to gain weight, we do not stop. In which consists the Gabriel method to lose weight in following articles will talk more about this FAT switch and of why they diets do not work.