Next we bring a compilation of the homemade remedies for herpes labial more cash to you than they have been: Ice bags: To apply ice bags on the painful wounds usually they bring a beneficial effect, since they grant an immediate lightening, must be applied several times to the day, especially when the pain becomes unbearable, must remain about 20 minutes so that the effect is greater. Saquitos of manzanilla: It dampens a saquito of infusion of manzanilla, escrrelo and presses the injury with him, manzanilla aside from providing lightening slightly, thinks that it helps to accelerate the healing process. Honey of Bee: Excellent lubricant, therefore aid to alleviate the pain the blisters in the lips much, especially when this is constantly grazing with the opposite lip. It is important not to directly swallow the honey of the affected lip, since the virus with the language can be taken. The bee honey in addition owns the property to accelerate the healing.

Water washings and salt: It in the middle mixes a spoonful of salt liter of water, with this solution you can lavarte the wound, ten much well-taken care of of not doing it with a cloth or with the hands, the correct form to realise this type of washing is dropping the water to spurts on the wound, having contact only with the water. Flour: To apply a small flour layer on the wound diminishes the pain, since it avoids that the wound is exposed causing to painful sensations before the cold air or the humid climate. Aplcalo as if outside a talc, especially when you are resting in house to avoid to go out with flour in the lips. The popular culture still more provides homemade remedies to us for the herpes labial, but the mentioned ones are most effective and are done with ingredients that we found frequently in our house, therefore is excuse no to support the terrible pains the herpes. It discovers as you can eliminate the buds of genital herpes or any other type of herpes using a very peculiar method doing click here. Original author and source of the article.