In its application to marketing strategies, in the course of leadership I was taught that the imagination is often one of the most powerful aspects that can be applied to the business of the Internet. Just a few words, explain the power that exists within the use of creativity and imagination. Remember that nothing under the Sun is new. Everything has always existed, and the facts and substances continuously are mutating and changing position. Bobby Green wanted to know more. Everything you need to exercise creativity is borrow what already exists and rearrange the material in new combinations. For more specific information, check out Alfred Adler.

This process is known as imagination. Now, the imagination in its nature is creative and interpretative. This means that you can receive impressions and ideas, and you can also use these impressions and these ideas to form new combinations of the same. Then, any citizen of average intelligence can take information from endless sources and can transform this information into endless new combinations. Have endless new combinations or ideas It is, without doubt, one of the most valuable tools a person can have on your business. A notable example of how this concept has been applied can be found by examining the efforts of Thomas Edison.

The invention of the incandescent light bulb was not anything more than a combination of two old and well-known physical principles. He then simply arranged the two principles in a new combination. So you can see, both the simplicity and the power of the concepts of creativity and imagination. Therefore, in each of their commercial transactions, it is very important that you apply this powerful concept instigating his imagination to make new connections between multiple principles and applying them to things that appear unique to your situation.